Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Trellis Art Fund?

The Trellis Art Fund is a private grantmaking organization committed to supporting the work of individual artists.

Where does Trellis receive its funding from?

Trellis is funded by a family of contemporary art patrons.

Where is Trellis located?

Our office is located in New York City at 37 W. 20th Street, Suite 610.

What is the amount of the grant?

The grant totals $100,000—distributed over a two-year period.

How does Trellis contact nominees?

Trellis will contact nominees via email starting in February.

If I haven’t been nominated, can I still apply?

We are unable to accept unsolicited applications.

What is Trellis’s nomination and selection process?

Trellis asks a wide group of art professionals and artists, from across the country, to nominate artists for the grant. These nominations are kept anonymous. Nominees will be asked to provide a CV, a written statement, along with images and supplementary materials, to be reviewed by a jury.

How are grant applications reviewed?

The jury will review applicants for a demonstrated trajectory of excellence, sustained professional commitment and a consistent engaged practice.

If I’ve been rejected, can I apply again?

Artists who are nominated to apply again may do so.

When will I be notified about my grant application?

Our first cohort will be announced during summer 2024.

Are there restrictions or exceptions to using funds from the grant?

No, the grant proceeds are unrestricted. They can be used for any purpose—without restriction or influence—for project-specific support or general professional needs.

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